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For an addict, taking the step of stopping drinking and/or taking other drugs can be extremely difficult and painful, both physically and psychologically.

It’s normal that after making the decision to change you may feel overwhelmed and exhausted, but keep in mind that you will only feel that way in the beginning. It will get better.

So now is the time for you to make an extra effort and get down to business. It’ll be tough but believe me, it’ll be worth it, too.

In this post, I’m going to share with you the things I did and the strategies I followed right after I quit drinking. They worked for me but I understand we all deal with sobriety in a different way: What works for others won’t always work for you, but at least you can try. Hopefully, they can help you kickstart this exciting new chapter of your life.

I won’t talk here about attending AA meetings. I tried AA several times in the past and it didn’t work for me, but going to your first AA meeting might be a good idea for you. Never dismiss anything that might save your life.

So here we go!

6 Things I Did When I Quit Drinking Alcohol

Clean Up & Redecorate Your Home

I won’t go into details, but I can assure you my place used to be really chaotic when I was drinking… And so was my life.

One of the first things you could do when you stop using alcohol is to clean up the mess in your house.

I know: If you just got sober, you probably still feel pretty sh*tty and don’t feel like doing any chores at all, but you won’t feel any better if you live surrounded by chaos, will you?

Cleaning up and organizing can be a great therapy. It helps you put your ideas in order and, therefore, think more clearly to make better choices from now on. You don’t need to do it all at once. Take your own time. Try listening to some upbeat music while you clean to make it more bearable.

Also, it’s proven that redecorating your home after getting sober improves your mood. If you can’t afford to paint the walls and buy new furniture and decorative items, try moving the furniture around to make your house look different so it won’t remind you of your alcohol days.

Become Open About It

I understand that this is a very sensitive and personal decision considering the stigma that surrounds addiction. However, I must tell you that it has worked for me. Stopping lying to others and, especially, to myself has been extremely liberating.

For a long time, I tried to fool everyone by hiding my addiction with the only purpose of allowing myself to continue drinking. And I must tell you, in my case, it was pretty obvious that I had a major problem with alcohol… No one would buy anymore that I was just “a party animal”. At that point, I was anything but fun.

Going public also helped me commit to my sobriety. Plus, now I can write about it on this blog, so I can learn who I am and (hopefully) help others who have the same problem as me.

Do a Detox Diet

Once you have stopped consuming alcohol and/or other substances, it is a good idea to detoxify your body.

The last few months that I was still drinking, I had constant pain in the right side of my abdomen. I was afraid that my liver or other parts of my body were damaged so I went to the doctor.

The doctor told me that my liver was inflamed due to having drunk large amounts of alcohol. Luckily, it wasn’t hepatitis or anything too serious, but of course I panicked. So when I finally managed to stop drinking, I signed up for a 5-day detox diet workshop guided by a nutrition coach.

TBH, this was THE BEST decision I could have ever made (besides from quitting drinking, of course). Not only did I manage to detox my body, but I also got into the habit of eating healthy, now my skin looks amazing, my mood improved drastically and I feel a lot more energetic.

So I highly recommend you doing a detox diet. You won’t regret it, I swear. It has changed my life completely!

Disclaimer: If you decide to do a detox diet, please ask your doctor, a nutritionist or a health coach first.

Take Up a New Hobby (or Go Back to an Old One)

I’ve always been very creative and introverted. In my free time, I love to write stories, draw, paint, read, watch movies and TV seriesโ€ฆ Except when I was drinking.

When I was binge drinking, I always left all my hobbies and interests aside to dedicate myself only to lift my elbow, to the point that I no longer recognized myself. When I finally stopped drinking, I made sure to get back to doing the things I love to do when I’m sober.

Taking up a new hobby is also a good idea. Now I love cooking healthy food since I did that detox diet workshop!

Spend Quality Time With Your Beloved Ones & Get Rid of Toxic People

The people who have supported you during all this hard time now deserve that you dedicate more time to them. Remember that your beloved ones just want you to be happy.

I decided to get sober the moment I realized I was losing my family and my boyfriend. That was a real eye opener.

Now I always try to spend as much time as possible with them.

Also, getting rid of toxic people should be on top of your to-do list. They don’t bring you anything good, only problems, and your time is too precious to waste it on people who don’t care about you at all.

Start a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is a tool used to record and reflect on things that you’re grateful for.

It’s proven that expressing gratitude is good for your mental health. Giving thanks can help you sleep better, lower your stress levels and improve personal relationships.

Every day, write down three things you’re grateful for. You can do so at the start of the day or before bed.

I use Penzu. It’s a free online diary that you can write in private so no one else will be able to read it.

If you too have begun your path towards healing, what things have you done that helped you stay sober? I’d love to read your suggestions so please leave a comment below. I’ll be happy to reply!

Peace, love & happines.


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